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June 09, 2016

Bad News! NO water!!

Our water well has collapsed!! Crisis mode now!

Well as of tuesday (2 days ago) our water well has collapsed.  So we have NO running water in teh house, very muddy water barely running outside, it's full of claying sediments.  This is quite a crisis because the only remedy is to drill a new well and that costs about $5000!!  Take or leave a few hundred dollars but those things always tend to run higher and I'm already thinking part of the fence has to be taken down, then put back up, a trench has to be dug after the well is drilled to lay a connection pipe to the water pump etc..etc.. those things will add up.  

Now to speak the truth, I had been having some difficulties with the well - once a few years ago, the water became full of muddy sediments, enough to clog up the water heater and destroy it but then it cleared itself up and we went back to our blissful water usage. Taking the comfort for granted of course. A month or so ago, the water pump had difficulty bringing up the water and air got into the pipes.  The repairman mentioned he thought the well may be bad, then monday the pump sprung a leak after having had great difficulty for several hours in bringing up water.  I had turned it off finally and when the repairman came over, he fixed it but that was hardly the end of our troubles.  It simply could not bring up any water, so he undid the well head, pulled up the old steel pipe (maybe 30, 40 or even 50 years old!!) and replaced it with a pvc pipe.  Fired up the pump again and that's when the mud just flowed right up! Oh what a sight: solid grey clay floating through and through.  Thoroughly unusuable except to water the garden maybe but then again it's not so good for the pump to be put to this task.  

So we were left with the only choice of no water at all.  I lugged a 6 gallons jerrican last night from a neighbors' house and today again another one plus several gallons filled by various neighors but I can assure you this is going to get old very very soon.  

So I'm contacting the well drilling companies and trying to get an exact price.  

Anyway cares to help out, PLease be my guest!  I am most certainly going to have to get into a loan situation  with the bank but as I said, there will be additional expenses and every little bit helps. 

Right now, things are not so happy at St Roch. Ok, dogs and birds know nothing of our troubles and are doing just fine  - we've switched to the summer schedule with everyone coming in at noon and spending the afternoon in the cool of the house only to return to outside play when the sun sets.  Birds have a celing fan whirring overhead during the day in the shade of the front porch.  

Eva is doing great!  Tikki Tolstoi spends most of his day in his outdoor house, in the shade of the satsuma  - a bit of sun too - and hides in the house part when it gets to hot, digs a bit in the cool earth and takes a nap.  

Once we can get running water back on, summer will be a most pleasant season indeed.

Please help as much as you can.  Thank you.