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August 01, 2017

Birds & dogs News -

New cages, New Dog House etc..

Some Updates from Saint Roch:

This spring we invested in 2 new bird cages, BIG but light cages for our Love Bird family and our flock of Parakeets.  THe cages are very light so easily transported from outside to inside when the coloer weather comes, But they are way taller than the others and the birds are very happy, they are sold as 'aviary' cages and sure enought they are big enough that they can fly.  They are a very pretty shade of brown and black. Super easy to put together, and sturdy enough for the smaller birds.  A very good purchase after much searching for just the right size/type/weight of cage.  

Kaspar got a new dog house. Frightfully expensive but thank goodness, we had a generous donation from our friends in UK !  So that covered a bit more than half the cost of the cage.  At first I was very disappointed, because it looked so small to me and it is made of five pieces of double layer plastic that just snap together.  I mean it should have cost a fraction of its price! probably totally made with a 3D printer somewhere, with a minimal cost of materials. Why so much??  of course it was a snap to put togehter and it is pleasing looking.  But I still thought it was too small.  I did not like it.  Then turns out Kaspar loves it. So whose to complain?? I put his favorite blanket in there (summer cotton spread) and he is snug but comfy, had no difficulty getting in and lying down for his evening supper.  I think it may be very helpful to him in the winter since he is now tender in the hips..not so spry anymore and this will keep him off the damp ground on cold mornings.  Also it does not leak, a great improvement on his crate which even with a double tarp over let the water seep in and who wants wet blankets to lie upon?? 

Over the last year we have lost 2 of our oldest parakeets.  Originally we had Binkle, Winkle and Nod.  Unfortunately Binkle and Nod have passed away.  Happily Winkle now shares her cage with 4 more friends:  Bianca and Blanche, Girs-giris and Mojo (ok maybe I need help wiht naming the small birds but honesly they do not care).  
The love-birds are doing well, and the other parrots are their noisy, messy and happy selves.  Spring Summer and Fall are the times everyone gets to fly around the front porch/aviary so happy times are here again. 

Eva had a clean bill of health at the Dog Pound road Veterinary Clinic.  No heart-worm, everything good.  Tops the scale at 33lbs.  She also behaved admirably, sitting under the chair quietly the whole waiting period and not giving the nice vet a single spot of trouble. 

Elfie is pretty much blind and a bit deaf.  He rolls up in one of his blankets and tunes out the world and sleeps, sleeps, sleeps..but he still eats well and manages the way to the outdoors and the directions to his favorite dog house in the small yard.  He knows the lay of the land so to speak and does quite well.  Summer is a difficult time for both Elfie and Marguerite: itching, itching, itching..I am using itch-wipes which seem to help and a soothing shampoo but not too often, as that is not so good either (too many baths).  

Found some wonerful small crocheted Afghan for fall/summer beddings!  where?  At the St Francis thrift shop of course!!  R2 a piece.  Can't beat that and they're pretty, easy to wash and dry quickly on the fence or on a line.  Will be perfect for the smaller dogs.  In summer we prefer cotton Mexican blankets which are also machine washable and dry in a snap in the sun.   

While at teh vet with Eva I looked over a corresponding age chart for dogs. I was appalled to find out I have now four geriatric dogs, one senior and one young .  In corresponding human years, Kaspar is 80 years old!! Bonnet is 72 and Marguerite is in her 60s.  Elfie is certainly also in his late 70s.  

Thankfullly now that Chaplin can come over and play, Eva will have some new fun ready-to-rumble company.  All in all it's been a very happy and healthy spring and summer for all. We are blessed and we are grateful for our blessings.