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February 01, 2018

Love Birds Adopted - Bonnet's Dietary Changes- Carnival!

A few changes have taken place...

Well for one, our 3 remaining Love Birds have been rehomed.  Love Birds need to live in pairs or at least that is how they do best. Having one die over the winter left us with 3, an odd number and when we met another love bird aficionado who offered a good home and to add Lovey Dovey and Noel to their flock, it looked like a perfect match.  It was sad to see them go but I was happy to think they would be happier with new mates and friends.  

Then we had a scare when Bonnet Bleu started to refuse his food and lost so much weight that everyone of his ribs could be seen and counted.  Well, he's old - 12 - but I hated to see him so thin.  Bonnet had always been prone to eating more than necessary and gaining too much weight so this was definitely not normal. I started adding my leftovers to his dish and noticed he would only eat those and leave the dog chow.  So now I cook up a huge pot of rice once weekly and add a cup of rice to his bowl, with some simmered broth, mix everyhting up and guess who's licking the bottom of the bowl again??  That's all it took, soften up the food and give it a bit more home-cooked taste and voila. Getting our weight back on again.  Still this is something to watch since it is not quite normal - since he happily chews on biscuits and raw hide I am not inclined to think it is only due to his lack of teeth (Did I say he was old?).  And his coat and eyes look quite bright, yet he is certainly suffering from some near-sightedness as well as some signs of canine alzheimers.  

On the other hand Kaspar the Great is doing just fine, some stiff hind legs every now and then and it's been a cold and wet winter which doesn't help with the old bones - I can attest to that myself-  still the old man is doing fine at 11 years old.  As gentle, patient and kind as ever. 

The dachshunds - the Bandana Banditos - went to the groomer for a bath & brush and came back looking spiffy and all happy with themselves but skin problems will be the norm with them rather than the odd thing and I am dreading the return of heat and humidity since it will make it so much worse.  Still trying to figure out what will help Marguerite and prevent her from scratching and chewing so much.  Medicated shampoos seem to make it all the worst!  Elfie is doing remarkably well for being so old and nearly blind and deaf.  His daily routines are a challenge for the poor little guy but he keeps going on valiantly, mustering all his courage to hop down the stairs.  He is a brave little guy and seems quite strong otherwise. 

Our boarder, Chaplin is quite a new dog now, completely over the many ailments he was rescued with.  His coat is shiny, his spirit good and his temperment, well he IS a terrier so that says it all.  Loves to attack Bonnet and /or Kaspar, never the smaller dogs.  Eva is just her happy self, one that will have to watch her weight as she certainly likes to eat and then eat some more.  

Kaspar and Bonnet will not go to Carnival this year, it is definitely too much for their old selves. I am thinking of taking Eva along since she could use some more socializing and she is quite good walking on a leash and excellent riding in the car - you could even forget she's there because she curls up on the blanket and sleeps away.

So we are emerging from the very cold winter- mud fields, mud floors - but all is well still and we are looking forward to Carnival day and the arrival of spring - not a minute too soon!!