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October 17, 2018

The Fall Season

Persimmons galore, cooler temps and lots of chores!!

Fall is here!! the Persimmon tree is loaded with fruits. I gather the few ripe ones each day and when I have a dozen or so, peel and core them and freeze the flesh for later use.  Did get one loaf of bread made with a cup of persimmon, almonds, cranberries and flax seeds. Talk about healthy!!                             The satsuma tree is also loaded but the fruits are not ripe yet.  Soon...

On the animal front,there are lots of chores with the arrival of the cooler temperatures.  Our old valiant washing machine (nicknamed Lazarus because it literally ressucitated itself several times) is being cranked up daily as I replace the light cotton summer blankets in the dog houses with the flannel throws and thicker quilts.  This week-end the front porch /aviary will be visquined and the portable heater cleaned for nightime use when the temps go to or below 50.  Then everyone will be nice and cozy.  The lighter cotton summer dog blankets are kept in a plastic tub and moved to the carport where they will be put to use as flower and herb bed coverings if we later have some night freezes.  Having so many animals and keeping herb and flower beds requires a good degree of organization and that I have. The dogs seem all happy of the cooler temps, they are not laying around listlessly but are romping around and running along the fence whenever our new neighbors' dog is out in their yard.  Nothing like greetinga newcomer with lots of barks and wagging tails. 

Kaspar of course is no longer quite capable for so much exercise so he finds himself a good vantage point where he can see both our yard and their yard and he watches with great interest.  The dachshunds also prefer to stay closer to the house but Eva and Chaplin do enough running for all of them. A good way to stay trim and fit.  And everyone gets a good night sleep after all the exercise. 

So it's midway through October and I'm about halfway through the winterizing and that's about right.  I've beautified the non-canine gardens with loads of chrysenthemums which are one of my favorite flowers.  THe orange ones seem to be holding up the best!  I always prefer natural decor to artificial so this is my way of beutifying for fall:  orange, red and white chrysenthemums.  Looks really pretty.

The veggie gardens did very well this whole past summer - we had a big amount of delicious tomatoes so I was happy feasting on those and after a slow start the banana peppers and gypsy peppers really took off and kept producing and producing and... fabulous. And the birds LOVE them! All those little seeds in them. I think that is their favorite treat of all.   We had a few Japanese eggplant but not as many as the year before.  Not sure why.  Now the tomato plants are gone, the peppers are still going but not so abudnantly and we have put in cabbages, brussells sprouts and broccoli.  Growing but not quite ready.  I am planning on adding some red Romaine and red lettuce and maybe some Chinese cabbage too.  

So yes, with the fall season come many chores but they will all be completed. All in good time.